Wildlife Viewing

Photo collage of Alaskan Wildlife at bear trail lodge

Captured by photographers around the world and entities like National Geographic and The Discovery Channel, the Brooks River waterfalls are the epitome of world-class bear viewing. Located within Katmai National Park, the dominating bears of the area make their way to feed off of the bounty of salmon. Anglers can fish in the upper and lower stream of the Brooks River. Those just sightseeing will be led by their guide to the lower and upper decks along the trail to view the bears feeding.

Please note: The Katmai National Park has forest rangers and park service personnel assisting guests while at the park and ensuring that the park's policies are adhered to. All food, beverages, gum, tobacco products and the like are checked in before you begin your walk to the falls. Guests enjoy a lunch after viewing within the appropriate zones.

The park sees many visitors, and at any one time, there could be 30 to 50 guests enjoying the park safely. This adventure is suitable only for well-behaved children. If your child has a tendency to run off or scream this is not an appropriate excursion.

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