group of fly fishers walking through alaskan tundra

Why an All-Inclusive Fishing Trip is the Way to Go

In Planning Your Trip by Bear Trail Lodge

group of fly fishers walking through alaskan tundra

As you’re planning your Alaskan adventure, you might wonder if “splurging” on an all-inclusive fishing trip is worth the money. Of course, it’s possible to piecemeal your trip together, but between coordinating transportation and finding your next meal, you’ll likely compromise your enjoyment. Don’t let the headache of planning and executing your trip detract from why you came to Alaska in the first place: to experience world-class fishing in Bristol Bay! By opting for an all-inclusive fishing trip at Bear Trail Lodge, we handle the logistics so you can get the most out of your vacation.

Benefits of an All-Inclusive Fishing Trip

At Bear Trail Lodge, here’s what we take care of so that you don’t have to:

  • Transportation
  • Gear
  • Guides
  • Meals


The most stressful part of any trip is the process of getting there and then coordinating transportation after you’ve arrived. When you’re a guest of Bear Trail Lodge, you just have to get yourself to Anchorage or Fairbanks, and we take care of the rest. We book your flight from ANC or FAI airports to the King Salmon Airport. Your accommodations package includes the cost of this fight. When you arrive in King Salmon, a shuttle bus is waiting to drive you to the lodge.

We also schedule all transportation for you during your stay at the lodge. Unless you’re fishing on the Naknek right in front of the lodge, transit is required to reach your destination for the day. We coordinate the shuttle buses, pontoon planes, and water taxis, and the fares are part of your all-inclusive fishing package.


Some anglers are married to their gear, and that’s okay! We fully support you bringing your own rods, waders, boots, and lures if that will allow you to enjoy your Alaskan fishing trip the most. However, transporting those items from home can be costly and cumbersome. Leave the gear to us so that all you have to do is bring yourself and a single bag of luggage. When you arrive at the lodge, you’ll be fitted for waders and boots, which will be waiting for you in the wader station the following morning.


If you were independently planning your trip, it would be up to you to research the optimal times and places for catching which type of fish. You’d also have to carry all of your gear, change out your own lures, and untangle your own lines. Bear Trail Lodge employs the best fishing guides in Alaska, many of which have attended the Bristol Bay Fly Fishing and Guide Academy. Our guides provide a tremendous breadth of knowledge and expertise about fishing in the Last Frontier, proving to be invaluable resources for our guests. Not to mention, they fillet and package your salmon catches for easy transport home.


Lastly, opting for an all-inclusive fishing lodge means you don’t have to worry about where you’ll get your next meal. At Bear Trail Lodge, our guests enjoy an expansive breakfast buffet, complete with sweet and savory items and piping hot coffee. Our hospitality staff also packs a delicious lunch for you to enjoy mid-day if you’re on a fly-out trip or visiting Katmai National Park. If you’re fishing on the Naknek in front of the lodge, lunch is served inside, similar to breakfast.

Perhaps the most-appreciated meal of our guests is dinner at the main lodge. After a long day of fishing, the last thing you want to do is worry about a dinner reservation. After freshening up in your cabin, amble over to the main lodge to enjoy happy hour and appetizers. Then make your way to the dining room, where we’ll serve you a delicious hot meal. And be sure to save room for dessert!

Book Your All-Inclusive Stay at Bear Trail Lodge

As an all-inclusive fishing lodge, Bear Trail Lodge aims to alleviate the logistical burden from our guests. As a result, they can enjoy a fishing experience like no other in the Alaskan wilderness. Book your stay with us, and enjoy all that the Last Frontier has to offer!

Bear Trail Lodge is a world-class fishing lodge in King Salmon, Alaska. Our all-inclusive packages range from 2-day to 7-day adventures. Depending on the type of fish you want to catch, we can recommend the perfect time of year for your visit. Schedule your Alaskan fly fishing trip at Bear Trail Lodge today!