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Tasty Salmon Appetizers to Try

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salmon from bear trail lodge

It’s no secret that Alaska is home to some of the best salmon. Even better is the fact that you can catch some of your own right here at Bear Trail Lodge when the time is right! After your trip here, you will leave bearing whatever fish you caught so you can enjoy it once you get home. If you happen to come while salmon is in season, you’ll want to try whipping up one of these salmon appetizers with your catch!

Mini Salmon Cakes with Sriracha Lemon Aioli

These Mini Salmon Cakes by Taste and See are full of flavor and absolutely delicious! Not to mention, the Sriracha Lemon Aioli dipping sauce ties this appetizer together. Featuring flavors of parsley, lemon juice, and Dijon mustard, you won’t get enough of these salmon cakes. In just under an hour, you’ll have a tasty app!

mini salmon cakes
Image from Taste and See

Smoked Salmon Dip

Looking for a simple appetizer? Look no further than this delicious Smoked Salmon Dip by Melissa’s Southern Style Kitchen! With chive and onion cream cheese, Worcestershire sauce, dill, and a few other spices, this dip is packed full of flavor. The best part is that you can serve this dip with anything you’d like, from crackers and crostini to mini bagels!

Mini Salmon Quiches

These Mini Salmon Quiches by Simply Recipes are not only delicious but also allow for a beautiful presentation! Set them up as an appetizer or add them to your Sunday brunch menu. Using store-bought puff pastries, you’ll create these scrumptious quiches.

salmon quiches
Image from Simply Recipes

Seared Salmon with Whiskey Dipping Sauce

This Seared Salmon appetizer by Larder Love is the perfect addition to a dinner party or a small gathering. The bite-sized seared salmon can be served with cocktail sticks so that they’re simple to dip and eat. Paired with the whiskey dipping sauce, you won’t be able to simply have one bite!

Seared salmon
Image from Larder Love

For your next gathering, you’ll want to whip up one of these tasty salmon appetizers. After all, it’s likely that you have plenty of salmon to spare after your trip out to Bear Trail Lodge! Of course, you can also utilize store-bought salmon for these appetizer recipes, but it doesn’t get any fresher than what you catch yourself straight from Alaskan waters! Check out our blog HERE for salmon wine pairings, or our blog HERE for some of Bear Trail Lodge’s featured cocktails!

Bear Trail Lodge is a world-class fishing lodge in King Salmon, Alaska. Our all-inclusive packages range from 2-day to 11-day adventures. Depending on the type of fish you want to catch, we can recommend the perfect time of year for your visit. Schedule your Alaskan fly fishing trip at Bear Trail Lodge today!