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heath lyon

Heath Lyon

Heath has been fishing here in Bristol Bay since 1991 and has learned every twist and turn, rock, stream, and cut of the bank. Not only is he an extraordinary fisherman, he is also a coach father and the lodge owner and operator of Bear Trail Lodge. When it comes to anything fish and fishing, he is the man to ask.

nanci morris lyon

Nanci Morris Lyon

Nanci, wife of Heath Lyon and co-owner and operator of Bear Trail Lodge, was brought up north because of her love of fish and the small town feel of King Salmon and the Naknek river. She has been a fishing guide in Alaska since her early 20s, has raised her daughter Rylie here and has the answers for everything. After spending years learning from the Bristol Bay environment and its people, Nanci saw a need for the local lodges and an opportunity for the local youth and passes her knowledge on to future generations as the lead instructor and one of the original founders of the Bristol Bay Fly Fishing and Guide academy.

rylie lyon

Wade & Rylie Booth

Rylie and her husband Wade tied the knot in the spring of 2022, Rylie was born and raised in Bristol Bay and is Heath & Nanci’s daughter; she has a wide knowledge of the area and its watershed.  She graduated college at the University of Montana with a bachelor's in Accounting and a bachelor's in business management. Rylie is also a graduate of the Bristol Bay Guide academy, holds her Coast Guard license, and has been a member of the Bear Trail guide team for 7 years. Wade is an Alaskan bush pilot, if you are lucky he might be delivering you to your fishing or wildlife viewing destination during your stay. Wade is a true Alaska outdoorsman and has been a guide in bristol bay since he was 16, his knowledge of the area from his time on the water and his birds eye view brings great insight to the operation.

Meet the Team

rylie lyon

Our Experienced Guides

At Bear Trail Lodge, our guides are here to make your fishing experience that of a lifetime. Most of our guides are born and raised in Alaska, and over the years, they have explored, experienced, and learned all that the great state of Alaska has to offer. An elite team comprised of both locals and honorary locals, these guides will teach you not only about fishing but also about the customs, the land, and the people of Alaska. With our skilled fishing guides leading your adventure at Bear Trail Lodge, you’re in good hands.
rylie lyon

Kitchen Crew

Our experienced kitchen crew is here to provide three hearty, 5-star meals a day with three elite chefs to meet all of your dietary requirements and taste bud preferences. At the end of a long day of adventures on the water, you can count on them to replenish you for the next day of adventure.
rylie lyon

Housekeeping Staff

Our housekeeping staff is ready to greet you with a welcoming smile, cold beverage, hot meal, and to hear about your day. Our staff ensure you are comfortable during your stay here at Bear Trail Lodge. From doing laundry to providing fresh linens daily, our housekeepers ensure that guests of the lodge have everything they need to enjoy their stay in comfort.
rylie lyon

Dockhands, Grounds Crew & Fleet Mechanic

At Bear Trail Lodge, we have various team members that keep things running smoothly behind the scenes. Our dockhands, grounds crew, and fleet mechanics are here to ensure that everything is operational throughout all aspects of the Lodge, ensuring that your experience is seamless and relaxing.

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