Our Mission

The Mission Behind Bear Trail Lodge

Here at Bear Trail, we are a family through more than flesh and blood, but also the resources we all have learned to respect and cherish. Our mission is to protect and share these treasures with travelers of all interests, inform them about its vast diversity and give them a glimpse into the history of cultures that have formed and shaped this area while we produce an unparalleled fishing experience.
Bear Trail Lodge

Why Choose Bear Trail?

Bear Trail roots run deep in Bristol Bay, from advocacy to ownership that honors and celebrates the very core of the region. We can give you an unforgettable experience with our family, through the land, fisheries, and wildlife we have worked so hard to protect.

We are a family owned and operated business that began back in 1985 when Nanci packed up her belongings on a whim, to make Bristol Bay her home as a fishing guide. Being an advocate for the wild and voiceless eco systems in southwest Alaska is something that comes natural for Nanci. She became involved in the Board of Fish process and volunteered to work on the Southwest Alaska Rainbow Trout Management plan with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, from there she has volunteered hundreds of hours to the region, sitting on statewide and area wide boards for multiple administrations as well as participating in meetings and conferences to protect fisheries throughout Bristol Bay and Alaska. She continues this work even today and is currently the Chair of the Bristol Bay Regional Advisory Council for the Federal Subsistence Board.


Fly Fishing and Guide Academy

The Bristol Bay Fly Fishing and Guide Academy is one of the most successful projects the lodge supported back in 2009. Nanci spearheaded this program when she saw a need for the lodge industry to connect with local communities to bring more job opportunities to the region. Being the only lodge owner who also lives year round in the Bristol Bay region, Nanci realized the value of having residents of the area on her team as guides and stewards of the resources we all value. This program invites the young adults of Bristol Bay to join us for a week long class to learn about fly casting, fly tying, knots, fish habitat, customer service, field safety and numerous other things related to being a guide in the field. The final exam involves students taking local residents into the field to help them catch a fish on a fly rod, something many of them have never experienced. Successful completion has placed a number of participants in the industry as guides at Bear Trail as well as many other operations across the Bay.

Protecting Bristol Bay

The entire lodge crew has been very proactive and adamant about Pebble Mine and the disaster it could bring to Bristol Bay. Many of our staff as well as Nanci, Heath, Rylie and Wade have fought since word was received that the mine was a potential threat in the early 2000’s. So many letters have been written and testimony shared about the hazards of mining in the pristine wilderness of Bristol Bay. Trips to Juneau and Washington D.C. have been made to educate our lawmakers about the dangers and potential irreparable harm the mine could bring. With all the time and volunteer hours invested, we are grateful that at last we are very close to closing the book on this threat.


Be a part of our mission!

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