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Give the Gift of an Experience at Bear Trail Lodge

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Father’s Day is right around the corner! It can be hard to know what to give your dad, husband, or other father figures in your life as a gift, because do they really need another pair of socks or Pink Floyd record? Each year, you likely struggle to come up with something unique to show dad how much you care. This year, don’t think twice. Give the gift of an experience with a trip to Bear Trail Lodge!

A Gift of an Experience Instead of a Present

Although everyone loves unwrapping a present, a few months later that pair of shoes or a piece of clothing may lose its sparkle. Not because we don’t care about the gifts we give and receive, but because it becomes a normal part of our everyday lives. Giving the gift of an experience is something that you and your family will look forward to, but it also gives you memories you will keep with you forever. That’s why giving a trip to Bear Trail Lodge is the perfect gift to give this Father’s Day. The memories of an incredible experience go much further than the feeling we get when we receive material things.

A Trip to Bear Trail Lodge

Deciding to give a trip to Bear Trail Lodge is a decision that you and your family will remember for a lifetime. Now, it’s time to start planning! Expect world-class fishing, wildlife viewing, and endless adventure at the lodge. Different fish are more prominent at different times of the year. June through October, rainbow trout and arctic char are available. June and July are the best times to fish for king salmon, whereas August and September are better times for silver salmon. When determining which time of year to schedule your trip, consider which fish species for which you’re most interested in fishing.

A Typical Day

A typical day at Bear Trail Lodge is exactly what you want it to be! Choose to wade, raft, cast or plug, and your guide will help tailor your fishing experience to your preferences. The Lodge is located on the Naknek River, which allows for incredible fishing and also places conveniently near many “fly-out” rivers. In fact, the Naknek River is the best if you are targeting rainbow trout! Additionally, the central location of the lodge allows you to fish at small streams that are only a short trip away. If you’re interested in viewing wildlife, the Brooks River Waterfalls are the place to do so. Incredible bear viewing can be achieved at the Katmai National Park. While you’re here, you won’t want to miss out on any of these unique opportunities.

Back at the Lodge

Kick back and relax after a long day of adventuring when you arrive at home base. The Main Lodge welcomes you 24 hours a day with complimentary wi-fi, spectacular sunroom views, a hot tub that looks over the river, and much more. Our commercial kitchen hosts gourmet chefs, and there is also a guest kitchen where you will find snacks. Head out to the cigar deck after enjoying dinner at the family-style dining room, or play a game of billiards or poker. Our guest cabins are located a short walk from the main lodge and allow for comfort and privacy for groups or families. Bear Trail Lodge is as much of an adventure inside as it is outside!

Our Packages

Bear Trail Lodge offers multiple different packages for the trip of a lifetime. Choose your package based on the number of days you want to spend exploring and experiencing all Alaska has to offer. Our packages include chartered aircraft for fly out fishing since the lodge is located on the remote Naknek River. Although there is plenty of fishing on the home river, many people want to fly out and experience the many other fishing opportunities around us. Additionally, gear for fishing is provided including fly rods, spinning rods, flies, lures, tackle, waders, and boots. Your guide will help you at all points throughout your trip, and will even help properly package your freshly-caught fish for the trip home.

You and your dad will carry your experience at Bear Trail Lodge with you for the rest of your lives. An experience that truly is like no other, start to plan your Alaskan adventure today to give the gift of a lifetime this Father’s Day. Reach out to us to book your trip!