man fly fishing

The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Fly Fisher in Your Life

In Fly Fishing Gear by Bear Trail Lodge

man fly fishing

Have you done your holiday shopping yet? It can be tough to find the perfect gift for everyone, but if you have a fly fisher on your list, we can help! We’ve compiled a holiday gift guide full of ideas that fly fishers will find incredibly useful.


If the angler in your life is covered in the gear department, perhaps they could use a camera to document their adventures. Here at Bear Trail Lodge, there’s plenty to see, from the beautiful terrain to the wildlife. An adventurous person needs an adventurous camera, and that’s why the Olympus Tough TG-6 is the perfect gift. Lightweight and compact, this camera can shoot anything from intricate macro photos to low light images. The best part is that it’s waterproof and ready to withstand a day of fly fishing here at Bear Trail Lodge!

tg-6 waterproof camera
Image from Olympus

O’Pros 3rd Hand Rod Holder

During fly fishing, your hands can get a little full. It’s almost as if you need a 3rd hand! That’s where the O’Pros 3rd Hand Rod Holder comes in handy to fly fishers. When they’re wading in the water, the 3rd Hand Rod Holder can hold any rod. Additionally, it rotates so they can adjust their rod to any angle!

3rd hand rod holder
Image from O’Pros

Magnetic Net Release

A magnetic net release is useful because fly fishers can attach their net to the back of their vest, giving them one less item to carry. Additionally, it is easily accessible when it comes time to net a fish!

magnetic net release for fly fishing
Image from Orvis

Polarized Sunglasses

The bright sun beaming down on the water can cause glare, making it difficult for fly fishers to see. As a result, every fly fisher needs a trusty pair of sunglasses for clear visibility. The Costa Blackfin Polarized sunglasses bring comfort, clarity, and style to a day of fishing.

Costa polarized sunglasses
Image from Costa

Fishing Hip Pack

The Simms Freestone Fishing Hip Pack equips fly fishers with everything they may need while they’re out on the Naknek. With multiple pockets, there’s plenty of room for all of their flies and gear. Of course, it’s water-resistant, so it’s ready for a day out on the water!

fly fishing hip pack
Image from Simms

A Fly Fishing Trip to Bear Trail Lodge

After unwrapping these fly fishing gadgets and accessories, your loved one is going to want to put them to use! Plan them a fly fishing trip in Alaska for the upcoming season at Bear Trail Lodge. If you’re also a fly fisher, or maybe you just enjoy nature and wildlife viewing, make it a trip for two!

With this holiday gift guide, you’re sure to find something perfect for the fly fisher in your life! These handy tools will complete any fly fishing adventure.

Bear Trail Lodge is a world-class fishing lodge in King Salmon, Alaska. Our all-inclusive packages range from 2-day to 11-day adventures. Depending on the type of fish you want to catch, we can recommend the perfect time of year for your visit. Schedule your Alaskan fly fishing trip at Bear Trail Lodge today!