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[Bucket List] Reel in the 2021 Fishing Season at Bear Trail Lodge

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A new year means new beginnings. When the new year commenced, you likely identified a few goals you hope to accomplish in 2021. Perhaps you aim to exercise more or eat better. However, at Bear Trail Lodge, an even more exciting new beginning is on the horizon: the start of the 2021 fishing season, and that fresh start deserves some goals of its own!

We’ve identified a 2021 Bear Trail Lodge Bucket List to help you make the most of your trip. Many guests had to reschedule their trip from last year, so that’s all the more reason to make this upcoming season the best one yet!

Catch a 30″ Rainbow Trout

Most anglers come to Bear Trail Lodge with at least one goal in mind: catch a trophy fish. The average size of a fish greatly depends on its species, as well as its age, sex, and the sources of nutrients available. If you have your sight set on reeling in a coveted 30″ rainbow trout, you’ll want to plan your trip for between mid-August and late October.

Tie Your Own Flies

If you’ve stayed at Bear Trail Lodge before, you understand the significance of tying flies. Many of our guides tie their own flies and consider it a hobby in itself, independent from fishing. Essentially, fly tying involves knotting various materials to a hook to imitate bugs that the type of fish you’re trying to catch typically eats. Ask anyone who ties their own flies; there’s a whole new level of satisfaction from catching a fish with a fly you tied yourself. One of our guides would be more than happy to teach you this skill during your stay.

See a Wolf Fishing for Salmon

The American grey wolf remains one of the most misunderstood yet majestic creatures of the last frontier. Packs of wolves roam the Katmai National Park & Preserve, a sanctuary for them from their human predators. Although it’s not uncommon to spot brown bears fishing for salmon traveling upstream at Brooks Falls, seeing wolves fishing is a far less frequent occurrence. We never said completing the 2021 Bear Trail Lodge Bucket List would be easy, but if you’re lucky enough to see a fishing wolf, it’ll be an experience you won’t forget.

Photograph Wildflowers

Aside from the wildlife, Alaska also boasts a wide array of wildflowers. From fireweed and northern geranium to common yarrow and monkshood, you’ll want to capture these vibrant colors through your camera lens — no filter required! Let your guide know if you’re particularly interested in the Alaskan flora, and they can point out the different varieties to you on your treks across the tundra.

Land on the Postage Stamp

Many of our popular fishing adventures involve taking a pontoon plane from home base on the Naknek River to what we refer to as a postage stamp. Although it’s not an official name, the title eludes to the small size of the pond on which you will be landing. Once landed, you then hike across the tundra to waters you plan to fish for the day. The pontoon plane picks you up from another larger lake to return to the lodge because the postage stamp does not allow enough space to take off when the plane is laden down with passengers.

Plan Your 2021 Alaskan Fishing Trip to Bear Trail Lodge

If you manage to check off every item from this 2021 Bear Trail Lodge Bucket List, you will have quite the adventure. From fishing to wildlife viewing and fly tying to photography, we hope this list sparked the same excitement in you that we’re experiencing. We can’t wait to see you in a few months when the best part of 2021 begins!

Bear Trail Lodge is a world-class fishing lodge in King Salmon, Alaska. Our all-inclusive packages range from 2-day to 11-day adventures. Depending on the type of fish you want to catch, we can recommend the perfect time of year for your visit. Schedule your Alaskan fly fishing trip at Bear Trail Lodge today!